To preserve and raise the scholarly standard of the journal the following procedure has been adopted. When an article arrives it is put into its category, and after the editorial committee meet together with two other scholars (local and overseas authors), who have previously submitted (published) articles on a similar subject. The article must be accepted unanimously in order to be recommended for submission. If the decision is not unanimous, then the article is submitted to another (independent) scholar who makes the final decision of whether to publish.

  The journal editorial committee is comprised of an executive editor, fourteen editorial committee members (including the editor in chief). The director of the Mathematical Department of Soochow University is axiomatically the executive editor. The 14 members of the editorial committee consist of 6 local members, one from Japan, 6 from America and Canada, and one from Europe. Members of the editorial committee are recognized local and international scholars in their own rite. These committee members are responsible for recommending articles for submission to be published and recommend ways of improving the standard of the journal. The editorial committee meets once a year.

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